Send your friends and family well wishes with love from IHS.

IHS offers a unique way to reach out to friends and family while also assisting those in need. Our holiday card catalogue is filled with donated art by local artists to offer a variety of beautiful cards for your loved ones.

For a $10 donation, we will send a holiday greeting card on your behalf to anyone on your card and gift list. Or you may order in bulk and have them sent to your home or company if you prefer to write them personally.

The card will acknowledge that you have given the gift of food and shelter in their honor to someone who is homeless and in need.

There are two ways to participate:


For each $10 tax-deductible donation to IHS, we will send a holiday card that has been hand addressed with your address and personalized by IHS volunteers to the recipient that you designate.

Bulk Orders

If you prefer to write and send your friends and family cards yourself, you may choose the designs and quantities that you want and IHS will mail them directly to you.