Aloha & Happy Holidays!

The Holiday Season is a time for gathering and giving.

IHS offers a unique way to reach out to friends and family while also assisting those in need. IHS Holiday cards are a beautiful gift of compassion. For a $10 donation, we will send a holiday greeting card on your behalf to anyone on your card and gift list.

The card will also acknowledge that you have given the gift of food and shelter in their honor to someone who is homeless and in need. 


There are two ways to participate:

Option 1

We will send a holiday card that has been hand addressed with YOUR address and personalized by IHS volunteers to the recipient that you designate during the checkout process.


Option 2

If you prefer to write and send the cards yourself, you may fill out the order form for the quantity desired and we will send the cards directly to you.


Please Remember:

  • Provide us with the complete address and zip code of the people to receive your cards. If cards are returned , they will come back to you as YOUR return address will be on the envelope.
  • If you have cards being mailed outside of the U.S. please provide for extra first class postage. ALL other cards are mailed first-class. 
  • Due to the high volume of mail during the holiday season, please allow extra time for the post office to deliver the cards. Orders postmarked by Monday, December 8th will be processed and mailed in time for the holidays.